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CA - Franziska Sturm by Klatschmohnkuchen CA - Franziska Sturm by Klatschmohnkuchen

EDIT: Updated with post mission 1 info.

General Info

Squad: Scouting legion

Name: Franziska "Franzi" Sturm
Ethnicity: German
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Height: 1.65 m
Weight: 58 kg

Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Black



Combat - 8
Teamwork - 1 -> 3 The last few months, coupled with fighting alongside Konstantyn during the assault have made her warm up to the idea of teamwork a bit.
Strategy - 4 -> 5 Having to navigate a titan-infested district teaches you a thing or two about thinking on your feet.
Defence - 4
Agility - 8 -> 9 As horrible as it may have been, the recent invasion was still the best training for her 3DMG skills.


Franziska likes to present herself as tough and strong at all times. The harsh world she lives in has shaped her in its very own way to the point that she feels like she cannot allow herself to ever show any weakness in front of her comrades, or anybody for that matter. No need to bring down the morale with any crying or faltering, right? Though it is not all too hard to break through all that, if one just knows how to rile her.

Thing is, this attitude makes her often come across as abrasive and uncooperative to anybody else. It doesn't help that she's already spent too much time around soldiers and has become rather foulmouthed as a result.

Though the main reason for her working badly with others, is a pure and simple fear of her mistakes getting her comrades killed. Franziska has a bad habit of claiming responsibility for every death she thinks she could have prevented. In general, she only really winds down after knowing someone for a longer time, but this isn't exactly easy in a squad with such a high fatality rate.


After the most recent assault on the walls Franziska has warmed up to cooperative fighting at least a little. If anything, she figured that it's better to at least fight alongside her comrades to keep them safe. One could say that her protective streak has grown quite a bit. And after all those months with her squad, she's become more willing to just let her guard down a little at times.

Past Story

While humanity was growing complacent with its peace behind the walls, Franziska grew up within one of the districts of Wall Maria. Sure, it was the outermost wall at the time, but no one would have ever expected that it might ever get breached. It was a quiet life - even though Franziska's mother served within the stationary guard, nothing major ever happened. Humanity had its giant walls and only scouts ever had to fight, so why worry?

Franziska herself joined the military to follow in her mother's footsteps, rather than doing so to follow any big cause. It just seemed appropriate at the time. And seeing how there had been no major onslaught in a century, her parents did not really object to her career choice.

The little world they had built themselves only crumbled when all of the territories within Wall Maria found themselves overrun by titans, right after the armoured titan breached its inner gate. The little settlement where Franziska's family lived was no exception to that. She was only a rookie at that time, sent to the front as cheap cannon fodder. Even if it was her duty to fight, she was paralysed by her fear.

Her father and grandmother were still devoured on the spot and the rest of the family would have suffered the same fate, had it not been for one of the scouts killing the monster that had already killed two of them and bringing the rest of them to safety.

This entire event coloured Franziska's entire view of the military and the Recon Corps in general - and out of both gratitude and admiration the older man who saved her became something of a personal hero to her. Again, one of her decision was motivated due to her looking up to someone. This time, she scrapped all her plans of being a part of the Stationary Guard and enlisted into the scouts.

Over the time the older scout, Klaus, would form a sort of odd friendship. He simply enjoyed telling her all those stories about former expeditions he's been on. In particular, Klaus would often say that he just wanted to see the ocean once in his life before he'd ever allow himself to die. It was his big dream of freedom and in the end he died before ever seeing that endless blue. The only thing that could be recovered from his remains was an old, broken pocket watch. One that Franziska treasures until this day.

Despite that grand loss three years ago, she's been part of the Recon Corps ever since.


First, Franziska's reason was simply the wish of entering the military just like her mother before her. It was all before the massacre of Wall Maria and her younger self did not really much further than that.

Only after her time as a trainee, her motivations had changed.

Most of all, old Klaus passed his dream of freedom on to Franziska. She herself wants to see the world and that ocean the old man never got to see with his own eyes. In a way, she hates thinking that the deaths of all those scouts could have been in vain. So she wants to contribute to the cause they died for and honour all those sacrifices.

Additional notes

-> Franziska suffers from a slight case of rosacea, hence why her skin is permanently ruddy.
-> That's what having naturally sensitive skin paired with the stress of being in the military does to you.
-> Constantly zipping through the air might be one of the "culprits" as well.
-> In a way, she's lucky enough that it's only a very harmless case and little more than a permanent flush.

-> When she was a kid, Franziska already loved climbing on every tree and rooftop she could find and this love for being aloft has just grown after her first run-in with the titans. Add the 3DMG to that and eventually she's developed quite an obsession with being far away from the ground and feeling the wind in her face.
-> That might be the reason why some joke about her being part bird.

-> She always takes some time in the morning to do her braids. Call it a quirk of hers.

-> Klaus' old watch is always in her left breast pouch. In a way, it has become a lucky charm to her.

-> She hates being restrained in any way, whether it's tight spaces or her feeling like something's impeding her movement.

-> If she has the opportunity, she'll always sleep in a makeshift hammock instead of a bed.

-> Actually a pretty decent cook, but there's really not much time for that.

-> She loves just picking up any flowers that only grow outside of the wall.

-> Very prone to survivor's guilt.


-> In the meantime it has shown that she's a rather jealous person, due to her own insecurities.

-> In the same vein, she's rather scared about "messing up" a relationship somehow and thus needs some validation here and there.



[Under construction]

Konstantyn McNair:

Fidel del Tierra:

Tuesday Belyakova:

Natalia Holzmann:

Avery Krause:

Salma Ida Sinclair:

Koldan Iakovek:

Task 2

Steel bites into flesh, it cuts and tears until that giant neck is cut open down to the bone. That one, vital lump of flesh falls to the forest ground and so does the rest of the titan's grotesque body with a resounding thud. So far so good, but the one thing Franziksa didn't consider was how cutting through that tough skin would throw her off-balance. Four years in the legion or not, fatigue breeds poor planning.

Maybe she should be grateful that it's just a tree branch she crashed into and not the next flesh-eating giant, though her ribs sure didn't appreciate the impact. The girl's breathing comes out in short, hectic huffs as she takes a look around. Below her, it's basically hell - for lack of a better comparison: giant mouths with those horrible, yellow teeth and deformed grins; hands that reach up for any soldier they can just snatch out of the air and- well, some didn't make it.

That scene, it's all too familiar. There's only two possible outcomes when titans and humans run into eachother and here's the ugly side of it again. Hell, Franziska has seen it before, but the sight never fails to make her throat grow dry and let cold sweat run down her back.

There's little time for losing herself in disgust, however, as her rotten luck just so decides to have a fifteen meter class make a beeline for her with that same grin - too much of a good reminder of what will happen if she doesn't move, that's for sure. Franziska's limbs feel heavy, but in her head she keeps screaming at her body to move, bail, get away from that thing.

She barely manages to zip away when a giant hand comes crashing down into the branch she's been standing on and breaks it like some tiny splinter. That could have been her.

Alright, just move, move, cut its neck open and then get the hell out of here – it’s what she keeps telling herself to not screw up again. Almost there, almost, Franziska can already smell that rotten breath, she grabs both her blades, tighter and-

Someone just zips by, and the deformed giant falls like a sack of potatos. Franziska’s jaw drops in a mix of relief and indignation, she wants to scream something along the lines of „That’s no fair“ and „You kill stealer!“, but following the rest oft he squad is more important now. So she does, before the next titan can show its ugly mug.

Only later, she notices that one of her blades is broken.


:bulletpurple: Task 1&2: You are here.
:bulletpurple: Task 3-A:
:bulletpurple: Task 3-B (collab):


:bulletred: Mission 1 (collab): 

:bulletred: Mission 1, second part: 
C-A Mission 0.1: OnwardNo matter what came their way - the military police, broken gates, titans - at least they could always face it together. As abrasive as Franziska could be, there was always something reassuring about having Konstantyn watch her back, they would both keep eachother's morale up.
All of this just makes the separation worse. It all happens too suddenly: a titan crashing right into that building, debris and dust flying up in the air and Franziska finds herself losing her balance. The meeting with the ground below is anything but a pleasant one. Blurry vision, aching bones and libs that won't obey - the worst that could happen in the middle of a titan attack.
And the thing closes in on her, baring horrible, yellow teeth , the horrible stench of rotting flesh follows, it’s pushing her to move, move, just move already damn it! Gritting her teeth, Franziska staggers back on her feet, slashes at the titan’s face as it approaches. That thing is messing with her, kind of like a cat pla
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Ah, I'm really glad you like her, thanks a bunch~ :iconluvluvplz:
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Klatschmohnkuchen Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013
Gotta admit, I have a huge bias for freckles. Most of the time, I have to stop myself from giving every character ever a face full of them, but with Franzi I just couldn't resist XD. Thanks a lot and I wish you good luck for getting in, too~
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